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Organic Vodka Lemonade Recipe

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It’s summertime and everything is about good times with friends and family. When it’s hot out everyone loves an ice cold drink. My pick for today’s organic delight is a delicious vodka lemonade made with organic vodka. Using organic and fresh ingredients to create a summertime drink all will enjoy, can be enjoyed with or without vodka. It’s still a tasty, cold treat.

Lemons in the summer are awesome and here’s why:

Promotes hydration

Great source of Vitamin C

Improves your skin quality over time

Aids in digestion

Freshens breath


Makes 5 Servings

9 fresh organic lemons

3 cups sparkling water or club soda, chilled

1/2 cup Ocean organic vodka

1/4 cup organic sugar

Crushed ice

Garnish: lemon slices


Squeeze 8 of the lemons into a juice.

Combine all ingredients into a blender then blend on a low speed to mix ingredients.

Add to a pitcher filled with the crushed ice and you are ready to serve.

Slice the last lemon and add to pitcher *optional add mint leaves for added flavor.

Pour drinks into any glass and top with lemon garnish.

I hope you and your peeps really enjoy this fun lemonade drink for those hot days.

For more ways to enjoy summer safely check out my blog post on DIY organic sunscreen.

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