sunlight benefits
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Why Sunlight Rocks | Benefits of Getting Sun

sunlight benefits

Sunlight is just so darn amazing, when we are out in the sun we often feel happier and more energetic. Now that Spring is here I wanted to write a blog post about the benefits of sunlight. There are many benefits to being in the sun for a moderated amount of time and I would advise against using sunblock because they are filled with chemicals and block the UV rays from entering your body, where all the vitamin D is. Check out my blog post on homemade, organic sunscreens.

When being out in the sun try to limit your exposure and continuously use your organic sunscreen throughout the day.

How the Sun Heals

  • Vitamin D Boost. Vitamin D is essential for a healthy body. It’s vital for strong teeth and bones. Supports a healthy immune system, and protects against disorders of the brain. Vitamin D deficiency happens when there is a lack of outdoor sun exposure.


  •  Better Skin and Hair. Getting some sunlight will improve skin conditions such as psoriasis,  eczema, and acne. For hair, the Vitamin D encourages hair growth and prevents hair loss, too much sun can damaged hair.


  • Natual Energizer. If you are often feeling sluggish even though you got those 8 hours, then getting out in the sun is what you need. The sun’s rays will give you an energetic boost. It’s great for depression, studies show that getting 20 mins a day of sunlight increases the release of those feel-good chemicals in the brain.


  • Organic Weightloss Supplement. Want to shed a few pounds to feel better, the sun has many weight healthy benefits. Sunlight lowers cholesterol. When out in the sun doing activities your body is burning fat. Getting more sunlight can actually help you feel fuller so you won’t want to eat as much because you will be releasing those feel-good brain chemicals.


  • Get deeper sleep from sunlight. Studies show that as the sun hits your eyes it sends signals to the pineal gland that stops melatonin production (the sleep chemical) until the sun goes down. This is the circadian rhythm, your body knows when it’s dark outside, it’s time to go to sleep. So the opposite is true when you open your eyes and feel and see the sun it boosts your energy and sends signals to your brain that is time to wake and start your day.

Want to feel and look better, the sun isn’t something to be afraid of.  It is meant to be cherished and made useful to our well being. Hope you enjoyed and learned about the benefits of sunlight, leave any comments below.

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