We don’t have to die to live in Heaven ….. At 33 years old I am on my way to living my best hippie life ever.

I call myself the Duchess of Nature because nature is everything to me, my existence here on earth and beyond.  I love all that nature has to offer. The sun, the stars, the birds, the trees. the people, the colors, the smells,  and the animals… I could literally go on and on.  I’ve started this blog to help others enrich their lives with nature.

We as humans are in a new stage of being, more and more of us are waking up and I’m here to be a part of that movement.

My background

Born in D.C. and raised in Maryland I grew up with my single mother and two younger sisters. Money was tight, the food was there but it wasn’t right, and our everyday health wasn’t much of a thought.  Most of my life I spent going through the motions and going into my early twenties I began battling with what the science doctors call mental illness. Mostly heavy depression, anxiety, mood instability, and insomnia. I was taking medications and street drugs to relieve my symptoms but it wasn’t helping. This time in my life my habits and behaviors were very self-destructive.  I was living in California at this time in my twenties. Falling, learning, and falling some more but as I approached my thirties, inside I started to shift.

I wanted to feel better naturally and spiritually, so at 30 I really started to get help and get better.  Now I’m 33 and I feel completely different than where I started. My body, spirit, and mind are stronger than ever. To get better I have included many different things in my life. Getting exercise, eating healthier,  learning, meditating, self-talking and the most important is being mindful as to what I am eating, breathing, thinking, and doing. This is what this blog is about, how Nature Saved Me and I know it can save you too.

A Modern Hippie

I also identify as a modern hippie, for those who are unclear of this new term. A modern hippie to me is someone who carries all the same ideals for peace, love of the earth, and self-fulfillment as the older generation of hippies did as well someone who also enjoys what modern society has to offer.  For example, the technology, the style, and the new approaches to gettings our desires across.

Much respect to the hippies of the 60’s and 70’s and all the earth people who lived before then. I’m here because of you!

Final Thoughts

My blog will offer natural recipes, remedies, DIY products, reviews, and my experiences with natural living. I would like to say that this blog is meant to help educate and inspire those who want to stop suffering. Through the gifts nature has to offer, we can all live a life that is free and abundant.