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Homemade Sunscreen

Vitamin D is essential for our health and the best way to receive this awesome vitamin is straight from the natural rays of the sun. Unfortunately, the media has made us afraid to be out in the sun and therefore many of us are Vitamin D deficient. The sun is an amazing element and with moderated exposure is safe.  There are ways to protect yourself from the rays while enjoying the nourishment the sun offers.

Beware store of store sunscreens the have chemicals that are harmful to your skin and health. They can actually increase your risks of skin cancer. This recipe is an organic alternative, meant to protect and enrich your skin.


  • Coconut oil SPF 4-6
  • Carrot seed oil SPF 35-50
  • Red Raspberry seed oil SPF 25-50
  • Zinc Oxide powder SPF 2-20 *depends on how much you use
  • Lavender oil for smell (optional, this can also act as a bug repellant)



The more zinc oxide you use the higher the SPF will be for your sunscreen.

Step 1. Warm the coconut oil so it’s a liquid form

Step 2. Combine the coconut, lavender, carrot seed and red raspberry oils.

Step 3. Stir in the zinc oxide powder be careful not to inhale the powder.

Step 4. Stir until you achieve a smooth texture. You can play with the amount of the oils as well to increase the SPF.

Step 5. Store in a container in a cool dry place.

Hope you like this recipe. Have your own recipe to share, please leave it in the comments.


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